18 September 2023

TİKA Helps Libya to Pick Up the Pieces After the Flood Disaster

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) sent clean drinking water and five thousand food packets that contain energy-giving food because of the flood disaster happened in Libya after Hurricane Daniel.

Hurricane Daniel, which effected the Central Mediterranean and eastern side of Libya, causing the highest precipitation in the last 40 years, resulted in heavy havoc and loss of lives in Bayda, Merc Suse, and especially Derna.

Libya Government of National Unity stated that 6 thousand people have lost their lives and thousands of people went missing in the flood disaster.

Government of National Unity published a decree that declares the sites effected by the flood as disaster areas. Libya Presidential Council made an international call of distress.

Türkiye was one of the first countries to send help to Libya after the disaster.

Responding to the call of distress made by the Libyan Red Crescent, TİKA quickly prepared 5000 food packets that contained clean drinking water and energy-giving convenience food, which are especially needed in the first hours of this kind of disaster and delivered them to the Libyan Red Crescent in Tripoli to be handed over to the victims of the disaster.

In the delivery ceremony of the food packets, TİKA’s Coordinator in Libya, Ali Süha Bacanakgil and the Libyan Red Crescent’s Vice President, Yusuf bin Yusuf were present.

Taking the food packets from TİKA’s Coordinator in Tripoli Bacanakgil in the name of the people of Libya, the Libyan Red Crescent’s Vice President Yusuf bin Yusuf expressed his gratitude and stated that they were sure the sister-country Türkiye would not be late to come to their aid.

Bacanakgil emphasized that friendship and sisterhood are put to test not only in easy times but in difficult times as well and Türkiye’s “helping hand” TİKA did not hesitate to come to the aid of the people of Libya, whom people of Türkiye consider to be more than sisters.

Having also stated that they have been carrying out development projects in Libya for 11 years, Bacanakgil emphasized that as TİKA, they will continue to help the victims of the disaster as much as possible in the following days.

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