14 September 2015

TIKA Helped Turkmens in Yahyava Refugee Camp in Kerkuk, Iraq

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency helped Turkmens in Yahyava Refugee Camp in Kerkuk, Iraq.


TIKA continues its operations in Iraq without any pause. In this context, TIKA delivered various aid materials for vital needs of all terror stricken people, especially Turkmens, in North Iraq. TIKA provided aid activities in Yahyava refugee camp in Kerkuk for sheltering of terror stricken Kerkuk Turkmens in North Iraq. 
Electric stove, various kitchen materials, stationery equipments for children and 210 air conditioners were delivered by TIKA for 150 families in need in Yahyava refugee camp which consists of people, especially Turkmens, displaced from their homes -10 km far from Kerkuk.

TIKA contacted with Ali Mehdi, a member and speaker of Iraq Turkmen Front and TIKA got information about Turkmens’ situations who live in camps and suffer in Kerkuk and Erbil. In the contacts; TIKA expressed TIKA, KIZILAY and AFAD in the Repubic of Turkey will always take side with people there. 
Moreover 140 air conditioners will be delivered to Turkmen schools and Turkmen families in Erbil via Deputy and member of Iraq Turkmen Front Aydın Maruf Selim. TIKA continues to its operations to meet all needs of fellow Turkmen community.


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