07 February 2022

TİKA Has Implemented More Than 30 Thousand Projects in 30 Years

Established 30 years ago, Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) has so far implemented more than 30 thousand projects in 170 countries in various fields, including education, agriculture, access to clean water, and restoration.

TİKA develops projects according to the priorities and needs of countries in line with the model called “Turkish-Type Development Cooperation Model.” TİKA implements this model in a wide region from Central Asia to South America. It carries out its most important projects in the field of health.

A total of 111,222 health examinations and 7,616 operations have been performed in Africa at the initiative of TİKA, which supports not only health services, but also the training of healthcare providers and the improvement of the health infrastructure.

In addition, TİKA put a new diagnostic and treatment center into service in the Autonomous Territorial Unit of Gagauzia in Moldova.

The Palestine-Turkey Friendship Hospital in Gaza was another important health project. The 180-bed hospital has an indoor area of approximately 35,000 sq. meters and is the largest hospital in Palestine.

The Agency built a 72-bed hospital serving in the fields of cardiology and gastroenterology in Kyrgyzstan and contributed to the improvement of the resources of the Batumi Infectious Diseases Hospital, serving in the field of infectious diseases in Georgia. Today, this hospital is the epicenter of the fight against COVID-19 in Georgia.

In 2020, TİKA started to implement projects to combat COVID-19 and provided more than 40 thousand coveralls, face shields, and goggles and more than 1,000 ventilators, aspirators, and nebulizers to over 100 countries.

The number of these pieces of equipment increased in 2021, and medical supplies production workshops were built to increase the capacity.


5 thousand tonnes of olives are produced every year at the facility built by TİKA in Gaza

As part of its agricultural development activities, TİKA implemented training and application projects for agricultural and animal husbandry techniques to be applied by qualified individuals.

The Agency supported the construction of an olive processing facility in the city of Abasan al-Kabira in Khan Yunis, Gaza. 3,500 Gazan farmers benefit from this facility and produce 5 thousand tonnes of olives every year.

A winter greenhouse with drip irrigation system, water tank, and heating and ventilation system was built on a land of 400 sq. meters as part of the Project for the Construction of a Winter Greenhouse for the Greenhouse Farmers Association in Mongolia.


5 thousand education projects in 30 years

Education is one of TİKA’s main areas of activity. TİKA has implemented 5 thousand education projects in 30 years, especially in the fields of vocational training, orphanages, and the establishment and strengthening of education infrastructure.

These projects include the renovation of the Al-Wehdat Camp Girls’ School, which was built by TİKA in Jordan and provides education to 15 thousand Palestinian refugee girls.

In addition to this school, TİKA built the Niger-Turkey Friendship School, which was put into service in Niger in 2018 and has 1200 students, and its dormitory with 648 beds.


Common historical and cultural heritage was protected

Developing projects for the common historical and cultural artifacts in the regions where it operates, TİKA prevents the loss of these artifacts and increases the tourism potential of these regions.

The historical monuments restored, protected, and landscaped by the Agency include the Bilge Tonyukuk Monument in Mongolia, the oldest written document in Turkish history; the Drina Bridge in Bosnia and Herzegovina; the Mausoleum of Khoja Akhmet Yassawi in Kazakhstan; and the house of Ali Rıza Efendi, Atatürk’s father, in North Macedonia.

As part of the Erenler Sofrası event launched to introduce Anatolia’s spirit of solidarity to the world, TİKA delivered Ramadan packages to nearly 1 million people and provided 70 thousand people with hot meals in 82 countries during Ramadan last year.

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