21 July 2023

TİKA Established a Tourism Office in the Historic District of Paraguay

A tourism office was set up by Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) in Paraguay’s Jesuit Mission Ruins district.

A Tourist Information and Craft Selling Office was set up by TİKA in the Jesuit Mission Ruins district, the only historical entity in Paraguay on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The commencement of the project was held with the attendance of Paraguay Tourism Minister, Sofía Montiel de Afara; Türkiye’s Ambassador to Asuncion, Serhat Aksen; TİKA officials and guests.

Paraguay Tourism Minister Afara emphasized that this historic district is very important for the country and mentioned that local and foreign visitors can get information and souvenirs from the tourist information center. Afara thanked Türkiye, Turkish Embassy in Asuncion and TİKA for their support.

Ambassador Aksen mentioned that Paraguay is a friend and a partner in Latin America and that they are trying to support it in various fields. Explaining that TİKA has carried out numerous projects, notably on education and health, to date, Aksen said that the scope was expanded with the project in the tourism field. Aksen quoted that he hopes that Türkiye and Paraguay continue to strengthen their relations in the fileds of tourism, crafts exhibition and selling.

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