14 December 2021

TİKA Equipped the National Broadcaster of Niger

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) provided the Office of Radio and Television of Niger (ORTN), the national broadcaster of Niger, with modern live broadcast equipment that allows live broadcasting and the reporting of breaking news stories.

The equipment to be used by Nigerian reporters working for the ORTN, the national broadcaster, is groundbreaking for the country’s media as it will allow the simultaneous and high-quality reporting of breaking news stories from all parts of Niger.

The project also aims to support the reporters of the ORTN with vocational training courses on the principles on the use of the equipment provided and live broadcast techniques, thus improving the country’s technical and professional capacity in the media.

Specialists who will teach vocational training courses in this field will help Nigerian reporters develop up-to-date skills in live broadcast journalism and learn the techniques for high-quality live broadcasts.

Advanced equipment that provides ease of shooting and broadcasting and allows high-quality content to be created for live broadcasts under difficult conditions was delivered to the ORTN with a ceremony attended by Mustafa Türker Arı, the Republic of Turkey’s Ambassador to Niamey; Mahamadou Zada, Minister of Communications of Niger; and Tanju Polat, TİKA’s Assistant Coordinator in Niamey.

In his opening remarks, Ambassador Mustafa Türker Arı stated that the project was an important sign of Turkey’s support for Niger in the fields of information and communication, as in every other field, and that one may exercise their right to information to learn about and understand the developments in their own country and all around the world.

Mahamadou Zada, Minister of Communications of Niger, thanked TİKA on behalf of the Nigerian Government for the equipment provided and the training courses to be held in cooperation with TRT as part of the project. 

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