30 July 2018

TİKA Develops Beekeeping in Macedonia

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) supports rural development in Macedonia with the “Development of Beekeeping Project”.

With the “Development of Beekeeping Project” carried out since 2007 in various regions of Macedonia, TİKA supports rural development and contributes to the improvement of the socio-economic infrastructure for the people of the region. The project helps the people of the region learn about the beekeeping profession and supports beekeeping to turn into an industry in the region by marketing the products of the project.

Within this framework, active implementation of the project in Radovis, Konce and Valandovo regions revitalized the commercial life. The honey, royal jelly, propolis, pollens and other beekeeping products were packaged in traditional household enterprises and were launched to the market individually or through the association of the farmers.

As part of the project, in the Stip, Berovo region located in southeastern Macedonia, 20 families were given 200 beehives; in Demir Kapija and Negotino region, 10 families were given 100 beehives; in the west, in Debar and in Centar Zupa 30 families were given 300 beehives, totaling up to 600 natural beehives for 60 families. Beekeeping equipment and production materials for honey production were also provided and each region was supplied with a honey extractor. Furthermore, in order to enable the people of the region to make the best use of the beehives and the provided equipment, training sessions will be organized on beekeeping maintenance and techniques.

“I think TİKA is our only hope in the region”

Mayor of Centar Zupa, Arian Ibrahim, who attended the opening ceremony, stated that the project is a great initiative for the people of the region and for their municipality. He cited that the project provides a great opportunity for employment. Ibrahim thanked the Republic of Turkey and TİKA for the project that was implemented through TİKA’s efforts and said, “I think recently, TİKA is our only hope in the Balkans and in this region.”

“We, as TİKA, want to contribute to the rural development of Macedonia as much as we can"

In his speech during the ceremony, TİKA Skopje Program Coordinator Ayketin Ayden explained that as TİKA contributes to Macedonia’s rural development, employment will be boosted and the household income will be increased. Ayden pointed out that by including families of various ethnic backgrounds, the project aimed to improve the peace and the will to live together in Macedonia.

Since beekeeping is an industry that yields profits in a short-term, the project will provide an employment opportunity to farmers who live under difficult economic conditions in rural Macedonia. In addition, in parallel with the increase in the household income and the improvement of the standard of living, it will help prevent the migration phenomenon in Macedonia. 

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