09 February 2018

TİKA Delegation is in Syria to Examine Development Projects

The Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) delegation examined Aleppo’s Azaz and Jarabulus districts. The delegation led by TİKA President Dr. Serdar Çam went through Kilis Öncüpınar Border Gate and visited the district of Azaz.

The delegation visited the Council of Azaz, where they received information from the Council Chairman Mohammad al-Haj Ali regarding the efforts and heard their pleas. Later, they visited the Syrian people, who arrived from various places to try and survive in the tents they put up on the outskirts of Azaz.

The delegation offered beds, pillows, blankets, heating stoves and food aid to Syrians and delighted the children with toys before moving onto the town of Mare. Here, they visited Council Chairman Fuad Abbas. Afterwards, they went to see the school, which was repaired by TİKA, in Jarabulus district, and got together with the children there. In his statement, TİKA President Çam said that their visits aim to see the regional projects on site, identify the needs and leave lasting works behind.

In this context, Çam explained that they wanted to bring gifts to the local people from Turkey and make the children happy, “We did not want to come in empty-handed. We also offered some aid to refugees from places like Idlib and Aleppo.”

TİKA President Dr. Serdar Çam pointed out that peace in the region is the foremost priority, “There are rich lands and self-sustainable locations here. In this region, we want to utilize Turkey’s experience to usher in a new era of self-sustainable communities that stand on their own feet. While we were here representing Turkey, we brought Turkey’s gifts to our brothers and sisters.”

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