19 October 2023

TİKA Continues to Support Women in South Africa

Within the Winnie Madikizela Mandela Jewelry Training Project, put into practice by Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency, 10 South African women received jewelry-making training.

TİKA completed the Winnie Madikizela Mandela Jewelry Training organized in Mbizana municipality of Eastern Cape province in the Republic of South Africa.

10 women received jewelry-making training in the OR Tambo Cultural Precinct in Mbizana, the center of the anti-apartheid movement, within the project.

Main equipment, such as leather sewing kits, equipment used in leather embroidery, laser cut and engraving machines, jewelry-making sets, earring sets, and soft and hard leathers, were provided to the women who completed the training successfully to support their start on production.

Mbizana Mayor, T.D. Mafumbatha attended the certificate ceremony and thanked TİKA for their contribution to the local community improvement projects. In his speech, TİKA's Coordinator in Pretoria, Abdulkadir Abukan, informed the audience about TİKA's activities in the Republic of South Africa and emphasized the importance of their comprehensive projects aiming to create a positive change.

Another person to attend the ceremony was the successful designer and artisan Thuthula Nyameka Madikizela living in Mbizana. Madikizela was one of the attendants of a training program organized by TİKA previously, and now she is a teacher in her field.

Thuthula thanked the generous people of Türkiye, expressed her gratitude to TİKA and said: "We did not just make Jewelry together, but at the same time, we knitted the threads of our hope towards future by strengthening the togetherness of our community with the support of Türkiye."

Putting women's entrepreneurship training projects into practice in South Africa since 2021, TİKA provided skill and competence-improving projects for nearly 100 trainees from Johannesburg to Pretoria, from Durban to neighboring countries.

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