19 January 2021

TİKA Continues to Support Education in the Balkans

As part of its education projects in Montenegro, Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) built a modern computer lab in Petnjica Co-Educational High School, located in northern Montenegro.

TİKA continues to contribute significantly to Montenegro in order to create a modern and high-quality environment for education suitable for the needs of students and teachers and ensure the modernization of national education in the country. The Agency built a computer lab with modern equipment in Petnjica Co-Educational High School in Petnjica, which is located in northern Montenegro and has a population of 6,800.

Located in Petnjica Municipality, the high school has 147 students and 30 teachers. It consists of the departments of science, economics, technical sales, agricultural technologies, veterinary medicine, and fruit/vegetable production. Operating as an independent institution, the school is located in the same building as Mahmut Adrović Elementary School, which has 176 students and 25 teachers.

As part of the project, technical equipment including desktop computers, photocopiers, printers, interactive whiteboards, desks, and chairs was procured by TİKA and delivered to the officials of the school to be used in the computer lab.

The project aimed to enable the students of Petnjica Co-Educational High School to keep up with technological developments in the field of education without needing to go to nearby cities, and to increase the quality of education.

110 Projects and Activities in the Field of Education in Montenegro in 13 Years

TİKA has so far carried out a total of 110 projects and activities in the field of education in Montenegro. It has built computer labs in the vocational high schools of Nikšić, Bar, and Sergije Stanić; the elementary schools of Kolašin Braća Selić and Bar Anto Đedović; Tivat Co-Educational High School; and Rožaje September 30 Science High School.


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