27 November 2018

TİKA continues to stand by Ethiopians

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) donated 18,000 blankets to the Ethiopians who take refuge at the Qoloji camp in the Somali Region of Ethiopia.

Situated in the Somali Region of Ethiopia, the Qoloji camp hosts the Ethiopians who have been displaced due to the armed conflict in the country. The camp was visited by a number of ambassadors in October and the shortages were detected. As the first institution to go back to the camp approximately a month after this visit, TİKA distributed 18,000 blankets in the camp. This aid was welcomed in the Somali Region, which gets cold during nighttime due to its altitude, especially two weeks before the cold and rainy season began.  

The blankets were distributed at a ceremony at the Qoloji camp, which was attended by Turkey’s Ambassador to Addis Ababa Fatih Ulusoy, TİKA Ethiopia Coordinator Mehmet Ali Yetiş, and Somali Region Emergency Aid President Mohammed Fatah.

Turkey’s Ambassador to Addis Ababa Fatih Ulusoy drew attention to the fact that Turkey will continue its aid in the region. Ambassador Ulusoy stated that the blankets were manufactured by a Turkish company that operates in Ethiopia, which indicates a collaboration between the private sector and the government. Emphasizing that they were warmly welcomed by the Somali people, Ulusoy said "They request more help from Turkey. We will evaluate this request and we will continue our aid in this region."

TİKA had previously carried out a food aid project, which had benefited a thousand families in the region.

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