28 March 2018

TİKA Continues Technical Partnership Projects in Albania

The Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) has provided the Tirana Municipality in Albania with firefighting equipment and vehicles.

Having initiated various technical assistance and collaboration projects throughout Albania, TİKA has supplied the Tirana Municipality with the necessary firefighting equipment, vehicles, and firefighter apparel, allowing the municipality to increase its capacity in this area.

Within the scope of the project, adequate equipment and vehicle support was provided to ensure precautions against fires are taken, people and property are easily removed during fires, first aid intervention is offered, the severely wounded are transported, and search and rescue efforts are easily carried out during disasters.

During his speech at the ceremony, Tirana's Mayor Erion Veliaj expressed that TİKA provided assistance in a time of dire need and mentioned that collaborations were underway in various other areas, including kindergartens, playgrounds, equipment assistance, and tree assistance, and he stated that they were very pleased TİKA never failed to offer assistance when requested. The ceremony was attended by Turkish Ambassador M. Ahmet Yörük, Tirana’s Mayor Erion Veliaj, TİKA's Tirana Coordinator Necip Özay Özütok, authorities and employees from Tirana's Fire Department, and members of the press.

TİKA Supports Tirana's Greening Efforts

TİKA is implementing environmentally-friendly projects in Albania, which is projected to have 20,200,000 trees by the year 2020, with the aim of ensuring clean air, cooler cities and streets, energy and water saving, and a green Tirana with plenty of oxygen. TİKA donated 250 cypress trees to the Tirana Municipality. The tree planting ceremony was attended by Ambassador M. Ahmet Yörük, TİKA’s Tirana Coordinator Necip Özay Özütok, and Tirana’s Mayor Erion Veliaj.

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