25 October 2023

TİKA Built Two Healthcare Centers in Bangladesh

2 healthcare centers, which were built in Natore, a city in Bangladesh, and given equipment support by Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA), were put into service with the organized ceremonies.

The opening ceremonies were organized in the villages of Chattardighi and Kalam, in the Singra province of the city Natore, which is 5 hours away from the capital city, Dacca, on the land route. The healthcare centers will meet the needs of approximately 40,000 local people living on agriculture and livestock, and struggling against poverty.

The opening ceremonies were attended by the People's Republic of Bangladesh Minister of Posts, Telecommunications and Information Technology, Zunaid Ahmed Palak, Authorities from TİKA Bangladesh Program Coordination Office, authorities from the Ministry, and health officers of the city and province.

In his speech, TİKA’s Program Coordinator in Dacca, Şevki Mert Barış, gave information about TİKA and examples of the organization’s activities in all regions of Bangladesh. Expressing his gratitude for the help Bangladesh provided during the period of earthquakes that took place in Türkiye in February, Barış stated that the 18 healthcare centers TİKA has built since 2014 are a sign of the friendship between Türkiye – Bangladesh. He mentioned that TİKA will continue to support Bangladesh in the future.

Minister Palak, who spoke during both ceremonies, stated that the health support provided by TİKA to this region, which has inefficient transport facilities, is very valuable for the people of Bangladesh. Emphasizing that a friend in need is a friend indeed, Palak expressed his gratitude to the people of Türkiye for supporting Bangladesh from the start in solving the Rohingya Crisis and to Emine Erdoğan, who came to the region when the crisis started. Sending his message of condolences for those who lost their lives during the earthquakes that took place in Türkiye this year, Palak reminded the audience that they shared the sorrow of the Turkish nation by sending 10,000 tents as the state in addition to the aid given by the people of Bangladesh.

Even though Bangladesh has leapt forward significantly in the health field, the health sector still suffers from serious setbacks because of the crowded population and limited economic possibilities of the country. Being one of the countries with the highest population density in the world, with a population of nearly 170 million, Bangladesh is a country with a high infant mortality rate, according to the United Nations data. Underbudget healthcare and the lack of several qualified healthcare workers restrain the people of Bangladesh from considerably benefitting from healthcare services.

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