21 September 2023

TİKA Built an Ice Cream Production Plant in Somalia

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) helped building the Maras Ice Cream and Dairy Production Plant, which will contribute to the local economy by offering new business opportunities.

TİKA launched an initiative within the project carried out in Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia. The aim of the project is to teach Somalian women how to produce high nutritional value foods with goat’s milk, such as ice cream, cheese and yoghurt.

Through building the Maras Ice Cream and Dairy Production Plant, TİKA aims to develop the dairy sector of Somalia and contribute to the local economy.

Within the scope of the project, TİKA provided the necessary equipment for ice cream and dairy production, while the Governorship and Metropolitan Municipality of Mogadishu-Banaadir provided the necessary land and facilities for the project to be carried out.

Maras Ice Cream and Dairy Production Plant that TİKA built in Mogadishu will increase Somalia’s milk and dairy production capacity and, therefore, play an important role both in the fields of nourishment and employment.

In the opening ceremony of the plant, the Governor and Mayor of Banaadir, Yusuf Hussien Jimale, Deputy Mayor for Admin and Finance, Isse Mohamud Gure, District Governor of Shangani, Aweys Amuudi, TİKA’s Coordinator İlhami Turus, representatives of Turkish institutions and organizations, local administrators and locals were present.

Governor and Mayor of Banaadir, Jimale, expressed his gratitude to Türkiye for their support, emphasizing that the plant TİKA built in Somalia will provide women and youth with business opportunities.

TİKA’s coordinator in Mogadishu, Turus, expressed his excitement for the opening of the project and wished the plant, in which “Somalia Maras Ice Cream” (SO-MA-DO) will be produced, to be beneficial.

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