24 October 2022

TİKA Built a Sewing Workshop for Chadian Prisoners

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) built a fully-equipped sewing workshop for the training of male and female prisoners in Klessoum Prison and Reformatory, the largest prison in Chad.

The opening ceremony held for the workshop built by TİKA was attended by Kemal Kaygısız, the Republic of Türkiye’s Ambassador to N'Djamena; Vedat Baş, TİKA’s Program Coordinator in Chad; the Minister of Justice and Human Rights of Chad; and the representative of the Minister of Vocational Training and Trades of Chad.

TİKA built a sewing workshop in Klessoum Prison and Reformatory, where more than 3,000 people are imprisoned, and provided 20 sewing machines, an embroidery machine, a lockstitch sewing machine, all the necessary equipment, dress fabrics, and consumables.

The sewing workshop built by TİKA aims to ensure the reintegration of female and male prisoners into society after their release, prevent them from committing further acts of crime, and help them acquire professional skills to achieve economic independence. The key deliverables of the project include the reduction of the rates of unemployment and crime in the medium and long term. The revenue from the sales of the products to be produced in the sewing workshop will ensure the continuity of the activities of the workshop.

TİKA carries out many projects and activities in more than 170 countries across the world in line with a demand-oriented approach. The Agency has carried out more than 100 projects and activities in various industries in Chad since 2013.

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