26 June 2019

TİKA Builds Women's Vocational Training Center in Burkina Faso

The Game Koamba Women's Association Vocational Training Center, whose construction was initiated by Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) in 2018, has been completed and put into service.

The center carries out activities in Burkina Faso, and its primary aim is to build a bright future for children. In line with this goal, the Game Koamba Women's Association carries out activities to enable women to acquire a profession, and in order to support the more effective implementation of these activities, TİKA constructed a vocational training center for the association.

The opening ceremony of the center, to which TİKA also provided hardware support, was held and put into service for the people of Burkina Faso.

The center will organize training courses for women on tailoring, weaving, fabric dyeing, soap making, and hairdressing, thus aiming to contribute to the socio-economic development of the country by ensuring women take part in production processes.

The opening ceremony of the center was attended by Burkina Faso Secretary General of the Presidency, Mayor of Kongoussi, Minister of Higher Education and Vocational Education, Advisor to TİKA President Kamil Kolabaş, and President of the Game Koamba Association along with many guests.

During his speech which he gave on behalf of TİKA at the opening ceremony, Kamil Kolabaş expressed his wishes for the center, which he described as a prime example of the successful vocational training-related activities carried out by TİKA in Africa, to operate productively.

Kolabaş added that he believed women's partaking in the workforce through this project would bear beneficial results.

Burkinabe authorities expressed their gratitude for the project TİKA carried out in the field of vocational training and conveyed their wishes for the strengthening and continuation of mutual cooperation efforts.

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