18 November 2019

TİKA Builds a Village School in North Macedonia

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) has built a new school building in Valandovo, a southeastern town in North Macedonia.

The educational building of the village school of the Valandovo “Tsvetan Dimov” Primary School built in the village of Kazandol was opened with a ceremony. State Minister responsible for Foreign Investments of North Macedonia, Elvin Hasan, Mayor of Valandovo, Pero Kostadinov, TİKA North Macedonia Coordinator, Aytekin Ayden, and school administrators and students attended the ceremony.

In his statement, Minister Hasan stated that another investment of TİKA in education has resulted in success and said, “As a representative of the government of North Macedonia, I would like to thank both our sister country, Republic of Turkey, and my fellow citizens here. I hope that our future generations will be raised better in these schools where TİKA invests.”

Drawing attention to the dense Turkish population in Valandovo, Mayor Kostadinov said, “I think we are all equal and the same conditions should be provided for everyone. We are proving that it is possible to live together.”

TİKA North Macedonia Coordinator Ayden stated that they have implemented nearly one thousand projects in different areas in North Macedonia since 2005 and said that TİKA has donated 40 schools to North Macedonia, including new buildings, renovation, and equipment.

Noting that they also equipped the village school they opened today, Ayden explained that the 50-year old school building had serious heating and other problems related to education. –

School bags and stationery sets for students

Stating that the new school building which will provide education for 28 students, including 14 girls, consists of three classrooms and a teachers' room, Ayden said:

“The school was opened today for our children in modern conditions. Valandovo Municipality has completed the infrastructure services with electricity and water installation. We hope that the students who will receive education in these schools in the coming years will become healthy, educated, and conscious individuals and serve this country. We also hope to make sure that they will be dutiful individuals who accomplish great things for our fellow citizens with the education they receive.”

It was reported that the primary school building constructed by TİKA in the village of Kalauzliya in Radovis has been completed too and it will be opened after the completion of infrastructure services. School bags and stationery sets were given out to students at the opening.

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