12 April 2016

TİKA Assists Flood Victims in Novi Pazar, Serbia

Humidity drying machines and water evacuation pumps were distributed by Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) to families and the public who were affected by the heavy rain and floods in Novi Pazar, the south of Serbia. The equipment was needed at the area to recover normal life as families had fled their homes due to heavy floods and houses needed to be dried.

There have been floods in 10 municipalities after the heavy rain that was effective across whole Serbia. Novi Pazar, one of the cities in Sandzak Region in South Serbia, was rather damaged as more than a hundred houses and workplaces were drowned by the overflow of Josanica and Rashka Rivers.
Investigating and working at the area upon the floods, municipal officials and TIKA Belgrade Program Coordinator Mehmet Bayrak stated that they shared the grief of the families and that they working together to spot the urgent needs at the region.
After the initial analysis was completed and the needs were determined, TIKA provided water pumps to accelerate the evacuation of water from the houses as well as humidity drying machines to dry houses and help families recover normal life. 
Furthermore, in order to prevent potential diseases that might break out at the region following the drainage of the water, disinfection materials and equipment were delivered to Novi Pazar Public Health Center by the staff of TIKA Belgrade Program Coordination Office.



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