21 November 2022

TİKA and Turkish Red Crescent's Vocational Training Support in Sudan Continues

In cooperation with the Turkish Red Crescent, Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency, and Sudanese Red Crescent, 40 Sudanese trainees are provided vocational training as a part of the “Providing Livelihood and Occupation Project”.

As a part of the Providing Sudanese Trainees with Occupation, Equipment and Consumable Material Project held in cooperation with TİKA, the Turkish Red Crescent, and the Sudanese Red Crescent, 40 Sudanese trainees started to receive vocational training at Sudan – Turkish Vocational and Technical Trainers Education Center in Khartoum.

Visiting the vocational training workshops, TİKA’s Coordinator in Khartoum, Fulya Aslan said, “As a part of the project, 40 participants in Sudan are ensured to have training in 5 branches, which are textile, wood, welding, electricity, air-conditioning, and refrigeration, and those who have difficulty in accessing the basic vocational training are provided with occupation.”

Thousands of people from Sudan and neighbouring countries learned a profession

Stating that so far thousands of participants from Khartoum, other states, and African countries have acquired a profession at the center which has 10 workshops and was established in 2013 by TİKA, Aslan said, “TİKA will donate the required equipment and consumables to the trainees so that the successful trainees can convert their acquired skills into economic activities.”

 “We have learned everything about sewing, particularly the sewing machine”

Receiving carpentry training, Reşid Muhammed Osman said, “We have been studying carpentry for 3 weeks. We have one week left. I will try to continue to work in this field after I finish the training. I will make a living by starting my own business using the equipment to be given by TİKA. So thank you very much TİKA.”

One of the trainees, Alaa Hafız Mahmud Ömer also said:

“I am training in the needlework department. We have greatly benefited from the center. We have learned everything about sewing, particularly the sewing machine. We have learned how to make clothes like shirts and shorts. Each of us will try to open a workshop, even if it is small, including in our houses to practice the training we received. I express my gratitude to Sudan Turkish Vocational and Technical Trainers Education Center, the Turkish Red Crescent, TİKA for giving us this opportunity and to my teachers who taught us.”

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