06 December 2023

TİKA’s Vice President Çevik Attended “Bosnia and Herzegovina Culture Days”

Celebrations for “15th Bosnia and Herzegovina Culture Days”, which is supported by Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA), are held in Croatia and attended by TİKA’s Vice President, Dr. Mahmut Çevik.

The activity was held for the 80th anniversary of “National Statehood Day”, celebrated each year since the first session of the State Anti-fascist Council for the National Liberation of Bosnia and Herzegovina on November 25, 1943, and the 20th anniversary of the Council of the Bosniak National Minority of the City of Zagreb (VBNMGZ).

The activity, held by VBNMGZ with TİKA’s support, was attended by Türkiye’s Ambassador to Zagreb, Yavuz Selim Kıran; Vice President of TİKA, Dr. Mahmut Çevik; Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Ambassador to Zagreb, Elma Kovacevic Bajtal; President of the Aliya İzetbegoviç Foundation, Faris Nanic; President of VBNMGZ, Armin Hodzic; and the citizens.

In his speech, Ambassador Kıran stated that Türkiye and TİKA are carrying out important projects in Croatia, one of which is the support provided to “Bosnia and Herzegovina Culture Days”.

Stating that Bosnia-Herzogevinans are rooting for tranquility and peace in Croatia, Kıran wished the best for the program.

“TİKA and Türkiye are contributing to global peace and stability”

Vice President of TİKA, Çevik, stated: “TİKA and Türkiye are not only sending urgent humanitarian aid to the regions in crisis but also contributing to the global peace and stability with the projects they carry out.”

Stating that they carried out 116 projects in Croatia, Çevik noted that Bosnia-Herzegovinians are contributing greatly to the world piece with their values.

Thanking Croatia for its contribution to the culture of having people from different ethnic backgrounds living together, Çevik celebrated the 20th anniversary of VBNMGZ and National Statehood Day of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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