16 July 2021

TİKA’s President Kayalar Visited Agdam, Which Was Destroyed During the Occupation

Serkan Kayalar, President of Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA), visited Agdam, an Azerbaijani city liberated from the Armenian occupation.

Kayalar, together with Azad Jafarli, Head of the State Service for the Protection, Development, and Restoration of Cultural Heritage under the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan, and Teoman Tiryaki, TİKA’s Baku Program Coordinator, visited Agdam, which was liberated as a result of a 44-day war after 27 years of Armenian occupation. Kayalar received a briefing about the city, which was destroyed during the occupation, and stated that TİKA would strive to make a significant contribution to the reconstruction of the region. Kayalar said, “We saw with our own eyes the houses, mosques, tombs, and cemeteries that were destroyed and burned to the ground during the occupation. We witnessed the extent of the destruction caused by the occupation. As TİKA, we are ready to cooperate for the revival of Agdam, Shusha, and the entire liberated region.” Visiting the Agdam Mosque, one of the landmarks of the city, Kayalar exchanged ideas with Azerbaijani officials on the restoration of historical and cultural buildings.

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