03 February 2016

TIKA’s Meaningful Assistance for Special People in Ethiopia

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) provided wheelchair aid for the citizens of Asosa which is the capital of Benishangul region of Ethiopia.

Once again, TIKA has realized a project touching upon human life in Ethiopia. TIKA donated 117 wheelchairs to Asosa, the capital of the Benishangul region at Sudan border, in cooperation with the Local Education Office and Turkish Alumni Association in Ethiopia. Local authorities organized an event for the children in order to distribute the wheelchairs.

Turkish Ambassador to Addis Ababa Mr. Fatih Ulusoy, TIKA officials and Turkish Alumni Association paid a visit to Asosa on January 23-24 to attend the ceremony. The state officials expressed their gratitude for TIKA’s support. Ambassador Fatih Ulusoy stated "We found the opportunity to know the citizens of Asosa better with this project, we have spotted their needs on site. We are grateful for your friendly and warm welcome. Our projects and relations with Benishangul will be continued.” 

Turkish delegation convened with the President of Benishangul-Gumuz Regional State Ahmed Nasir, Vice-President Misgana Admasu, Governor Babekir Halifa and State Minister of Economy Shiferaw Chelibo.
The delegation headed by Ambassador Ulusoy also visited the State Hospital and Asosa University.

Capital to the Benishangul region of Ethiopia, Asosa has a dense population of people with disabilities, particularly because the civil war. Children with physical disabilities were forced to cease their education since they did not have wheelchairs.

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