29 December 2022

The Türkiye Nation Branding Forum Was Held in Istanbul

Rahman Nurdun, Vice President of Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA), gave a presentation at the panel “TİKA: Türkiye’s Brand in Cooperation and Development Projects,” held as part of the Türkiye Nation Branding Forum.

Nurdun delivered a speech at the panel “TİKA: Türkiye’s Brand in Cooperation and Development Projects” at the “Türkiye Nation Branding Forum,” which was held by the Directorate of Communications of the Republic of Türkiye at Maslak TİM Show Center. He noted that they have 62 offices around the world.

Nurdun stated that Türkiye’s development aid has increased from around $60 million to $7 billion since the AKP came to power.

Nurdun referred to the Turkish-Type Development Model and said, “Our President always says this people-oriented sentence: ‘Wherever there is someone in need, we will be there.’ This is our agenda. Therefore, we usually provide aid upon request. We have never imposed anything. Türkiye provides aid based on needs. Unfortunately, some developed countries are ignoring the aid that Türkiye has provided up until today.” Nurdun added that Türkiye is now well known abroad and has become a brand in many fields.

Nurdun reminded that President Erdoğan visited Somalia during the drought and conflict in 2011, while the rest of the world were being bystanders. He stated that Türkiye’s aid reached Somalia and that their purpose was nothing but to establish friendly relations and to earn Allah’s approval.

Nurdun said, “Developed countries have only provided conditional aid up until today. They provide aid but set out a condition to purchase their own goods or aim to develop trade. They clearly have different agendas. This has been discussed for many years.”

Nurdun noted that TİKA provides services all around the world in various fields such as volunteer health screenings, restoration and cultural cooperation, support for education in Turkish, and social and administrative infrastructure. He listed some of their works in the fields of education and health as follows:

“Niger-Türkiye Friendship School, Orejón Turkish School in Colombia, Osh Turkish School in Kyrgyzstan, UNRWA Al-Wehdat Camp Girls’ School in Jordan, the renovation of Dukha Turks’ School in Mongolia, Nasreddin Hodja School in the Autonomous Territorial Unit of Gagauzia in Moldova, Mexico-Türkiye Primary School, a computer lab in Algeria, Mamusha Primary School in Kosovo, Jazari Production Laboratory, Sudan-Türkiye Training and Research Hospital, Aziz Sancar Diagnostic and Treatment Center in Moldova, Palestine-Türkiye Friendship Hospital, a hospital in Georgia, a health center in Mexico, a hospital in Kyrgyzstan.”

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