17 June 2021

The Greenhouses Built by TİKA within a Social Center in Georgia Yielded Their First Fruits

The greenhouses built by Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) in 2020 within the Dzegvi Social Center, where orphans and the elderly live in Georgia, yielded their first fruits.

The greenhouses built by TİKA in December 2020 in the social center operating within St. Giorgi Mtatsmindeli Monastery in the village of Dzegvi, which is close to Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, yielded their first fruits. As part of the project, the first strawberry seedlings were planted with orphans living in the center.

2 greenhouses built in the social rehabilitation center, which has been providing shelter for the elderly, street children, people with disabilities, and other people in need since the 1990s, started to yield their first fruits this year. The first strawberries harvested in June were piled up on stalls.

The greenhouses, which currently benefit approximately 60 people, strengthened solidarity in the region not only in the economic sense but also in the social sense.

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