10 October 2013

The Cutting Of Sacrificial Animals By TİKA And The Turkish Red Crescent In Pakistan

The Cutting Of Sacrificial Animals By TİKA And The Turkish Red Crescent In Pakistan


The delegation comprised of Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency Directorate Chairman Dr. Serdar Çam and the Red Crescent representatives who came to Pakistan for the Sacrificial Holiday to slaughter the sacrificial animals and hand out holiday packages visited the camp in Haripur where 700 Turkmen refugees and their families live. The delegation also inspected the Turkey Pakistan Friendship Hospital built by the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency Directorate in Muzaffergarh and the schools and dormitory building constructions which have been completed.
TİKA Chairman Dr. Serdar Çam, Red Crescent Board of Directors Member Kamil Kolabaş and Turkey’s Ambassador to İslamabad Babür Girgin made a series of visits during the sacrificial festival in Pakistan. The delegation gave holiday greetings to the refugees in the camp and carried out the traditional slaughtering of sacrifices with the shares of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, members of the cabinet and their families. The delegation, which was welcomed with Turkish flags and Red Crescent streamers, attracted a lot of attention at the camp. TİKA Chairman Dr. Serdar Çam, Red Crescent Board of Directors Member Kamil Kolabaş and Turkey’s Ambassador to İslamabad Babür Girgin met with the elders of the camp called the “White Beards”. In the statement made by TİKA Chairman Dr. Serdar Çam here he said, “We thank the Turkish Red Crescent, they carry the voice of the Turkish people and our nation here in the best possible way”. After he also expressed their pleasure at spending the Sacrificial Festivities in Pakistan, TİKA Chairman Dr. Serdar Çam said “We are here together out Turkmen brothers who have been migrating from Afghanistan for the past 30 years, as guests of ally and brother Pakistan. We will be spending this holiday with them and this pleases us immensely’’.

After the slaughtering of sacrificial animals and distribution of gift packages in Haripur, the delegation proceeded to the Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Living Complex for inspections. The homes located in the complex which was built TOKİ after the flood disaster that occurred in the country in 2010 and includes 1274 homes, two schools, a shopping center, culture center, mosque and gymnasium; will be given to their new owners through a drawing. The delegation later moved to the 50 bed, fully equipped hospital in Muzaffergarh which was constructed by TİKA to inspect the progress. The hospital construction has been completed and it will be ready for services as soon as the medical equipment has been supplied. The Turkey Pakistan Friendship Hospital which will be the region’s most modern health facility and is constructed on an area of 4.5 decares, is expected to meet a large portion of the health facility needs in the region. There are 2 operating rooms in the 50 bed capacity hospital that is comprised of a four story block.

The completed construction of the school and dormitory buildings built in Muzaffergarh as a result of the efforts started in response to Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s promise to build a girl’s school and a boy’s school in every state of Pakistan made after the flood disaster, was visited by the Turkish delegation. The school and dormitory which will be in service after the furnishings and education tools are completed has an area of 15.5 decares and is comprised of two main blocks with 2 floors. 200 students will be able to board in the dormitory with 72 rooms. TİKA Chairman Dr. Serdar Çam, who explained that projects were being done in Pakistan in response to the natural disasters, added “Our school, dormitory and hospital projects in the states are nearly completed. In addition to these our work in the areas of capacity expansion, agriculture and livestock farming are also ongoing. We will continue to share our experience with Pakistanis in the future as well”.

After the school and hospital inspections in Muzaffargarh, the delegation proceeded to Lahor, the capital of the Penjab state. After making a visit to the State of Penjap Prime Minister Muhammmad Shehbaz Saharif in his home, the delegation had a meeting with Penjab state officials to discuss cooperation which had taken place and which are planned to take place. As a result of these meetings it was decided that vocational education programs, especially on automotive, textile and tourism subjects will be organized and Turkey will provide specialty training on these subjects and supply equipment. Also it was decided that cooperation will be developed in the Cultural and Archeological fields. The decisions made within this framework were confirmed with the protocol signed at the dinner organized at the home of State of Pencap Prime Minister Muhammmad Shehbaz Saharif.


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