22 August 2013

The Bioçe Mosque Which Was Reconstructed In Montenegro Has Been Opened For Service

The Bioçe Mosque Which Was Reconstructed In Montenegro Has Been Opened For Service

The Bioçe Mosque, which was built in the 16th century and destroyed during the 1912 Balkan Wars, has been reconstructed and opened for service by TİKA within the scope of projects to preserve the Ottoman heritage.

The Bioçe Mosque, located on the road between Podgorica and Rojaye and the only mosque on this route which is travelled by an average of 300 thousand people yearly, is in the municipal limits of Byelo Polye which has a 42 percent Moslem population.

After completion of the construction work the Bioçe Mosque was opened with a ceremony. The ceremony, which was greeted with great enthusiasm by the area community, was attended by Montenegro Deputy Prime Minister Rafet Husoviç, TİKA authorities, Montenegro Islamic Union President Rıfat Feyziç, Montegro Ankara Embassy Undersecretary Hakan Özdemir, the Konya Provincial Mufti Şükrü Özbuğday, Montenegro Islamic Union regional representatives and a large number of citizens.

Montenegro Islamic Union President Rıfat Feyziç who spoke at the opening emphasized the importance of preserving the Ottoman heritage in Montenegro and expressed the gratitude that is felt towards TİKA for the activities and support they are undertaking in Montenegro. TİKA, which has a great number of ongoing efforts in the field of education, health, culture and the restoration of historical works in Montenegro contributed to the revitalization of the Bioçe Mosque after centuries had gone by in disrepair.

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