17 November 2022

Technical Equipment Support from TİKA to the Think Tank in Ethiopia

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) has provided technical equipment support to the Ethiopian Think Tank, Center for National and Regional Integration Studies.

TİKA has provided technical equipment support to CeNRIS which is a think tank based in Ethiopia, to meet its needs such as computers, photocopy machines, and printers.

In his statement, Cengiz Polat, TİKA’s Program Coordinator in Ethiopia, indicated that TİKA has been conducting studies for the development of Ethiopia over 17 years.

Polat said, “So far we have carried out around 200 projects.” Noting that they have provided technical equipment support that includes electronic devices such as computers, photocopy machines, and printers, he stated, “We believe that an important think tank like CeNRIS will light the way for the future of Ethiopia with the support we have provided.”

Drawing attention to the inadequacy of research, which will form a basis for these activities, despite several active international aid organizations and NGOs in Ethiopia, Polat said, “We believe that CeNRIS will shed light on TİKA as well as all other international organizations and NGOs through its valuable studies from now on as it has done until now.”

İbrahim Mulushewa, president of CeNRIS and a graduate of Türkiye, thanked TİKA for its support and stated that Ethiopia has been going through a very critical process, that CeNRIS has been trying to contribute to peace across the country and region through its studies, and that it is reassuring for them to know that Türkiye stands by their side.

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