01 June 2022

Technical Equipment Support from TİKA to the North Macedonian Public Television Channel

Technical equipment support has been provided to the channel broadcasting for minorities within North Macedonian Radio Television (MRT) by Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA).

In addition to TİKA Skopje Coordinator, Halim Ömer Söğüt, and MRT Turkish Program Director, Erhan Hasip, representatives of minority channel broadcasting in Romany, Aromanian, Serbian and Bosnian also attended the delivery ceremony of the technical equipment.

In his statement to the press, TİKA Skopje Coordinator Söğüt stated that TİKA carries out projects and activities not only in the Balkans but also in various geographies of the world, and emphasized that it carries out many operations such as education in particular, as well as agriculture, health, restoration and increasing institutional capacities.

“An institution that represents all communities”

Pointing out that North Macedonia is a multi-ethnic country and this multi-cultural structure is represented in this institution and similar ones, Söğüt noted that MRT is an institution that representing all communities living in North Macedonia, such as Turks, Albanians and Macedonians. Söğüt stated that TİKA had previously carried out projects with MRT in the field of media for many years and underlined that they always try to provide support to MRT within the bounds of possibilities.

“Broadcasting in Turkish is crucial”

Söğüt emphasized that MRT's Turkish broadcasts on both television and radio are crucial in terms of sharing the feelings, thoughts and emotions of the cognates in the country and stated the following: “As TİKA, we also provided the technical equipment support we have seen today on the basis of cooperation. Here, computer equipment has been modernized so that they can work both in the center and in the field.”

MRT 4 plays an important role in the relations between the two countries

MTV Turkish Program Director Hasip stated that the channel named MRT 4 has actually been broadcasting for two years and the media plays a crucial role in the relations between the two countries. He also stated that TİKA also renovated the studio covered by the channel and said the following: “Now we also received computer support. This will continue in the coming period. We have 14 computers now. We have completed the studio before. TİKA provided significant support for us to carry out our works under more suitable conditions.”

Technical equipment support has been provided

Hasip said that they broadcast in the minority languages Romany, Bosnian, Serbian and Aromanian apart from Turkish within the scope of the channel and added the following: “Therefore, we will use these facilities together. In other words, we will share the distribution of these computers to all friends here. We will also use our studio together.” TİKA provided the necessary technical equipment support such as desktop computers, laptops and monitors to be used in the field and studio installation works of MRT in order to increase the technical capacity of the channel broadcasting for minority groups and strengthen its infrastructure.

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