25 April 2022

Support from TİKA to the Reinforcement of the Health Infrastructure in Yemen

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) supplied the New-born Unit of the Gynaecology Department of Taiz Cumhuri Education and Research Hospital in Yemen with incubators and phototherapy machines, and, thus, contributed to the reinforcement of the health infrastructure of the hospital.

According to official statistics, the neonatal mortality rate in Yemen is 40% while it is possible to decrease this rate through preventive methods such as providing a sterile environment in the post-natal process and supplying the required tools. Therefore, in order to prevent infant mortality, TİKA donated 4 incubators and 8 phototherapy devices to the New-born Unit of the Gynaecology Department of Taiz Cumhuri Education and Research Hospital in Yemen.

During the civil war in Yemen, some health institutions were attacked, and the roads to the regional health institutions were closed due to the conflicts. The conflicts also damaged the infrastructure and water resources, which caused new epidemics in the region. As a result of these and many other factors, according to the official statistics and international data, a child dies every 10 minutes in the country. Thus, it is a priority to minimise infant mortality in Yemen.  

In the city of Taiz, there are 40 incubators in three public hospitals, namely Seyra, Cumhuri and Suveydi. Of these hospitals, Taiz Cumhuri has 13 incubators. The hospital currently serves with 40% of its capacity while it has 10.000 patients.  Consequently, it has trouble responding to the needs of Taiz, which has a 5 million population.

The new-born unit of the hospital witnesses 450 and more births a month. In fact 34% of the infants lose their lives due to the lack of incubators.  

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