20 June 2022

Support from TİKA to the “Nagorno Karabakh Battle Martyrs Tribute Night”

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) helped to organize a tribute night for the Azerbaijani martyrs who lost their lives in the Nagorno Karabakh Battle.

Azerbaijani soldiers who fell martyrs in the Karabakh battle that took place in 2020 between Azerbaijan and Armenia were commemorated with prayers. Relatives of the martyrs coming from our brother country, Azerbaijan were hosted in our country within the framework of the “Karabakh Battle Martyrs Tribute Night: 44 Days 44 Cities” program organized in İstanbul between June 7 and 11, 2022 with the coordination of National Defence University War Institute of Military History, TİKA and Türkiye Parliamentarians Foundation. Azerbaijani soldiers were commemorated with prayers.

2 thousand 908 Azerbaijani soldiers fell martyrs in the operations that aimed to save Azerbaijani Turks who were forced to live or migrate because of Armenian pressure for 30 years from oppression.

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