08 September 2021

Support from TİKA to Local Media Organization Broadcasting in Turkish in Georgia

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) provided technical equipment support to the news portal and AktualTv internet channel operating under 'Actual Media'.

In the Maurneuli, Kvemo Kartlı, where the majority of Azerbaijani Turks live, local news and developments were rarely covered in media outlets since Georgian language was mostly unknown, the access to the region from the central media broadcasting in Georgian was limited, and the central media outlets did not have representatives in the regions.

As part of the equipment support provided by TİKA, computers, cameras and other equipment needed by the news portal and AktualTv internet channel were delivered. Aktual media, broadcasting from the center thanks to the technical equipment support, presents its daily programs in a more professional format, which increases the quality and speed of journalism. A large gap was closed, especially with more coverage of local news and easy access to news.

'Actual Media' President İlkin Hüseynov thanked TİKA and drew attention to the importance of the support and said: "One of the most important factors for you to operate effectively in today's media world is to have good technical equipment. is a media institution that works with thousands of people 24 hours a day, and it shares information with thousands of people during the day with the news it publishes. Now, thanks to TİKA's technical equipment, our media will continue its activities more successfully. We also develop our AktualTv internet channel with the technical equipment provided to our media. I want to thank the Republic of Turkey, especially TİKA, for the technical equipment provided to us."

Established on July 2, 2020, “Aktual Medya” is one of the sites in Georgia that publishes news in Azerbaijani Turkish. The portal provides reliable news about developments in Georgia, Turkey and the world, respectful of national and spiritual values, objective, without discrimination of religion, language or race, and broadcasts news in Georgian, Azerbaijani Turkish, Turkish and English. The media organization also offers training opportunities in journalism for young people.

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