26 July 2022

Support from TİKA to 12th Haji Bektash Reunion of Minstrels

Traditional Haji Bektash Reunion of Minstrels, which is held annually, was organized this year in the memory of Ashik Sıdkı Baba with the support of Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA).

The program took place in Nevşehir on June 25th and 26th 2022. The opening speeches were delivered by Mustafa Özcıvan, the Chairman of Haji Bektash Veli Cultural Association, Özgür Kaplan, General Secretary of ABF (Alawi Bektash Federation), Arif Yoldaş Altıok, the Mayor of Hacıbektaş, Coldoşbek Toktakunov, the Deputy Rector of Issık Göl Kasım Tınıstanov State University of Kyrgyzstan and İbrahim Engin Şenay, the District Governor of Hacıbektaş.

Following the sessions on Ashik Sıdkı Baba, the program continued with the sama performance displayed by the Haji Bektash Sama Group of Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the concerts given by the band Abdalla, Ozan Der ashiks, Hüsnü İyidoğan, Kamber Nar and Kenan Şahbudak, Nevid Müsmir, a Persian singer, Petra Nachtmanov, a Polish singer and Ceyhun Kaya. The program ended with a presentation on Haji Bektash.

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