28 August 2023

Support For The Education of Female Students in Tanzania

New beds and bunks were provided to Kisarawe Msimbu Secondary School Girls Dormitory with the support of Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA).

The fact that there are insufficient numbers of schools in the countryside throughout Tanzania and them being far away from the cities makes accessing education difficult for students.

75% of the students living in different areas of the country have to walk long distances or use a bicycle to go to school.

And this situation causes students to encounter social gender violence risks on the road to school.

There are dormitories for students, especially for females, in schools to overcome this. Kisarawe Msimbu Secondary School is one of them. The school provides dormitory opportunities for 80 female students and meets their shelter needs.

With the request of the Governor of Kisarawe, Fatma Nyangasa, to TİKA to improve the poor conditions of the dormitories and the students’ harsh living conditions, 50 bunks and 100 beds were provided to the dormitories.

Providing better shelter opportunities and a safe educational environment are aimed with this support.

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