18 January 2018

Support for Professional Application of Media Ethics Workshop in Chad

In Chad, Professional Application of Media Ethics Workshop, took place with the support from the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA).

TİKA continues its contributions to healthcare, education, vocational training, agriculture, humanitarian aid and media in Chad with new events. “Professional Application of Media Ethics” workshop that was organized by the Association of Arabic-Speaking Journalists, affiliated with Chad Federation of Journalists, took place thanks to the support provided by TİKA.

“The Association of Arabic-Speaking Journalists”, which is affiliated with Chad Federation of Journalists, is a 400-member association consisting of media members that work at Arabic-language press organizations. This association, along with 80 registered media members and press members, discussed media in Chad in a two-day workshop on “Professional Application of Media Ethics” organized in the care of Chad Ministry of Information and Federation of Journalists. The workshop was attended by the President’s Press Advisor Abdullah Angardakina, Ministry of Information Undersecretary Aisha Saleh Daman, High Council of Communication Director Dhibi Duna Djunbaye, State Television TeleChad TV Deputy General Manager Jibrin Mohammed Adam, TİKA officials and many senior bureaucrats.

In his speech during the opening ceremony of the workshop, President of the Association and N’Djamena Djedid Newspaper Columnist Adam Ali Adam thanked Turkey and TİKA for their contributions to Chad. Furthermore, Chad High Council of Communication Director Dhibi Duna Djunbaye pointed out that Turkey is a great country with a rich past and that its future lies in Africa. Djunbaye also provided some general information on Chad’s media and its problems, and expressed their wishes to benefit from Turkey’s knowledge and experience on media.

According to the information provided by the High Council of Communication Director Djunbaye, Chad has 900 journalists and TV reporters, 3 national TV stations and 72 radio stations. In addition, he stated that there are 66 radio stations and 1 TV station broadcasting in Arabic among the media organizations.  

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