17 August 2020

Support for Emergency and Disaster Management in Mongolia

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) built a Disaster and Emergency Training Class in the 23rd Emergency and Disaster Management Unit, located in Dornogovi Province in Mongolia.

Transnational highways and railways run through Dornogovi Province, where a large number of mining companies and oil processing plants operate and occupational accidents take place frequently. In addition, natural disasters such as floods, fires, and earthquakes occur in the region continuously.

The 23rd Emergency and Disaster Management Unit is a government agency responsible for providing search, rescue, and emergency and disaster management services and directly protecting the lives and property of 25 thousand people living in the districts of Airag, Altanshiree, Ikhkhet, Delgerekh, and Dalanjargalan in Dornogovi Province.

The training class built as part of the project implemented by TİKA is the second institution in Mongolia to provide training in this field. In the Disaster and Emergency Training Class, adults and children will be provided the necessary information about disasters and response techniques. Applied training materials and equipment, especially emergency kits and medical devices, were also provided as part of the project.

The opening ceremony of the project was attended by Governor of Dornogovi Erdentetsetseg Gotov, TİKA’s Ulaanbaatar Program Coordinator Emrah Ustaömer, Director General of Emergencies Colonel Dashnyam Naidan, and the staff of the Emergency and Disaster Management Unit.

Explaining TİKA’s activities and projects in Mongolia, TİKA’s Ulaanbaatar Coordinator Emrah Ustaömer stated that the training class project implemented in the 23rd Emergency and Disaster Management Unit would contribute to the minimization of damages caused by accidents and disasters and the development of a culture of safety. He also wished success to the 23rd Emergency and Disaster Management Unit.

Governor of Dornogovi Erdentetsetseg Gotov stated that the foundations of this cooperation were laid with the project TİKA implemented in 2019 to build health training classes and furnish doctors’ rooms in 5 state schools in Dornogovi Province. The governor said, “As the governorship, we made a request in 2020, and TİKA built a disaster and emergency training class in the 23rd Emergency and Disaster Management Unit in a short time. The project ensured the safety of the lives and property of locals.” Governor Gotov thanked the Republic of Turkey and TİKA.


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