27 May 2013

Students Graduated From Fatih Madrasah

Students Graduated From Fatih Madrasah

Mehmet Fatih Madrasah (İmam Hatip High School) which was closed after the Balkan War was reconstructed by TİKA. Mehmet Fatih Madrasah in Montenegro produced its graduates for the second time.

After the Ottoman Empire had withdrawn from Montenegro, Mehmet Fatih Madrasah was opened about 100 years later. In the madrasah, graduation ceremony was held for 26 students. In the ceremony, TİKA gave gifts of computers to students by way of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the Prime Minister of Republic of Turkey. Rafet Husoviç, Montenegro’s Deputy Prime Minister, Sulyo Mustafiç, Parliamentary Deputy Speaker, Rıfat Feyziç, Head of Religious Affairs, Gökçen Kalkan, TİKA Head of Human Resources and Support Services Department, TİKA authorities, Director of Gazi Husrev-Bey’s Madrasa Ziyad Lyevakoviç and a number of authorities attended the ceremony.

Rıfat Feyziç, Head of Religious Affairs, said, “After a period of 100 years, The Madrasah has started to produce its graduates. He extended his thanks to Turkey and TİKA”. “We teach people to love each other. In this piece of land, there is enough floor for all” he noted. 

The Prime Minister Erdoğan Presented Tablet PCs to Students

Prime Minister Erdoğan sent Tablet PCs and Koran to students by way of TİKA.

In the ceremony, Gökçen Kalkan, TİKA Head of Human Resources and Support Services Department, said that “Today, TİKA President Serdar Çam was not here, because of his schedule. But really wanted to be here and he sent his kindest regards to you”.

In the ceremony, graduated student of Mehmet Fatih Madrasah sang Turkish and Bosnia songs. Later on, the students sang janissary march.

Mehmet Fatih Madrasah

After the Ottoman Empire had withdrawn from Balkan, Mehmet Fatih Madrasah produced is graduates for the first time. Its students received their diplomas in 1912. Thanks to TİKA, the madrasah began education again in 2008, and the first students graduated after 100 years.

In the Ottoman Periods, there were 9 madrasahs in Montenegro. The last madrasah which was in Tuzi, was closed in 1918. With the break up of Yugoslavia and the communist regime, the madrasahs restarted their educations. But these educational institutions were not opened in Montenegro. Montenegro Religious Affairs prepared a project about religious education and Turkish learning 13 years ago. With the contribution of TİKA and Islamic Development Bank, the İmam Hatip High School was established and it started its academic year in 2008.


The madrasah gave education to 160 students. The first graduated student of the madrasah were received their diplomas from Mr. Bekir Bozdağ, the Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey.

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