21 December 2022

Seedling Support from TİKA for the Coffee Producers in Madagascar

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) provided 30 thousand Arabica coffee seedlings as a part of the “Support for Coffee Growing Project” in Madagascar which is an island located on the eastern side of Africa.

In cooperation with TİKA, the Turkish Embassy in Antananarivo, and the Senate of Madagascar, 30 thousand Arabica coffee seedlings to be planted in the 150-decare land in the regions of Ambositra and Fandriana which are 270 km away from the capital, Antananarivo, were provided. 60 tons of fertilizers, shovels, watering pots, and agricultural equipment were also provided.

Employment for about a thousand people was ensured through the support provided.

Attending the ceremony for the delivery of the equipment, Regional Senator of the Republic of Madagascar, Rasolondrantsimba Raymond Nala thanked the Republic of Türkiye and TİKA for their support. Nala noted that the project is invaluable for the people and farmers of the region.

Over 75 tons of coffee production per year is expected

Turkish Ambassador to Antananarivo, İshak Ebrar Çubukçu stated they aim to produce more than 75 tons of coffee seeds per year as a result of TİKA’s support.

Expressing that it will contribute significantly to Madagascar’s economy, particularly export and employment, Çubukçu said, “We have a saying in Türkiye: “A cup of coffee will be remembered for 40 years.” I hope that the relations of fellowship between Türkiye and Madagascar will be further strengthened and maintained forever with the coffee seedlings provided.”

It is aimed to collect 2.5 kilos of coffee seeds per tree from those 30 thousand coffee seedlings that are expected to bear fruits after 2 years.

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