28 November 2022

Seed and Equipment Support from TİKA to Sudanese Flood Affected Farmers

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) provided improved seed and agricultural equipment support to the farmers who are flood victims in the Gezira state where a state of emergency was declared due to the floods in Sudan.

TİKA carried out the “Providing Improved Seed and Agricultural Equipment Support to the Flood-Victim Farmers” project in the region where thousands of acres of farmland were inundated and crops were lost.

As a part of the project conducted by TİKA’s Coordination Office in Khartoum, tomato, corn, onion, watermelon, chickpea, okra, and some other fruit and vegetable seeds as well as agricultural equipment support such as irrigation pumps and hoes were provided to the flood-victim farmers in Managil.

About 1200 farmers, including several female farmers, benefited from the project.

Governor of Gezira, İsmail Awad Allah Al-Akib stated that they are grateful for the support of Türkiye and TİKA to the people of Sudan.

Stating that they are glad to cooperate with Turkish institutions in Sudan, Governor Akib emphasized that they wish to cooperate more with Türkiye in various fields such as agriculture, livestock, and trade.

In her speech, TİKA’s Program Office Coordinator in Khartoum, Fulya Aslan stated that the project aims to make good the loss of the flood-victim farmers and to secure their needs by helping them to have a successful next agricultural season. Referring to the food crisis in the world, Aslan said that the project is also important in terms of reducing the impact of negative effects caused by the food crisis in Sudan.

The floods caused by the heavy seasonal rainfalls that started in June in Sudan had led to loss of life and property across the country.

Being affected the most by the floods, Gezira and Managil had been declared as “disaster areas” due to the deaths and financial losses from the floods.

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