12 May 2022

Ramadan Programs from TİKA in Peru, South America

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) distributed food parcels to 600 families in need and organized an iftar dinner for 200 people in Peru as part of its Ramadan program. Asociación Islámica del Perú helped to coordinate the food distribution and dinner organization.

TİKA distributed 300 food parcels to the members of the Muslim community, vulnerable families and Venezuelan refugees in Lima. Asociación Islámica del Perú helped with the distribution.  

Bora Tunçkanat, Second Secretary in the Embassy of the Republic of Türkiye in Lima, Mehmet Biçer, Representative of the Directorate of Religious Affairs, Omar Tehran, President of the Asociación Islámica del Perú and Manuel Castillo, a representative from the Baptist church participated in the ceremony.

Omar Tehran, President of the Asociación Islámica del Perú, thanked TİKA for its support and added, “This is a blessing for the Muslim community, our Venezuelan brothers and attendees of the foodbanks in the Ventanilla district. We are all affected by the economic crisis and the solidarity activities such as that of TİKA help us overcome these hard days.”

Manuel Castillo, the representative from the Baptist church said, “We are grateful for the friendship we have with our Muslim brothers and sisters. We are here to help deliver the food parcels to vulnerable families, primarily Venezuelans. I thank God for this friendship, and I thank Türkiye for letting us participate in this activity so that we can give a hand to the community that knows us and is aware that they can receive aid through us.”

Daryelis Marza, a Venezuelan beneficiary expressed his gratitude and added, “I am really grateful for this aid today. It means a lot to me and my family. I am very grateful that such an event is taking place in such a special month. Thank you.”

TİKA distributed food parcels that contain basic food to 300 families in need in Piura with the help of Piura Asociación Islámica. It also organized iftar dinners for 200 people for 5 days. The food parcels were delivered to beneficiaries in vulnerable and marginalised districts, where mostly unemployed Venezuelan refugees and low-income families live. Iftikhar Ahmad Piura, the President of Piura Asociación Islámica, thanked TİKA for sending aid to the most vulnerable people of the region and contributing to solidarity activities throughout Ramadan.

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