31 October 2016

Modern Art Exhibition Impressed Many Art Lovers in Tashkent

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) continues to support cultural and arts life in Uzbekistan. Modern Art Exhibition organized by the support of TİKA in Tashkent. One of the most significant art events of the country took place in the biggest art galleries namely; Central Arts Museum, Tashkent House of Photography, Ikuo Hirayama International Caravanserai of Culture. Exhibition hosted more than 50 artists from many countries such as Uzbekistan, China, Palestine, Tunisia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Moldavia. 

Diplomats and many art-lovers attended the opening ceremony of the exhibition. Head of Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan, renowned artist, Akmal Nur welcomed all art-lovers and extended his gratitude to TİKA for its support.

Ambassador to Uzbekistan Namık Güner Erpul stated Uzbekistan as one of the important centers of arts and culture in the world. He quoted Atatürk’s remark “Sirs, all of you can be a Member of Parliament, can be a Minister you can even be President of the Republic but you cannot be artists”.

According to Project Coordinator of Exhibition Nigora Ahmedova, exhibited art pieces carries various innovative and creative reflections of philosophic perspectives. Art works also have reflexive relationship between traditions and contemporary obstacles of everyday life.

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