01 March 2022

Media Training Was Held for Bulgarian and Romanian Young People in Cooperation with TİKA

As part of the project implemented by Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA), TRT, and GZT, the “Journalism and Internet Radio Broadcasting (Podcast) Training for Young People” was held for instructors and students from Bulgaria and Romania.

A delegation of 34 young people and instructors from Momchilgrad, Shumen, and Ruse Imam Hatip High Schools and the Islamic Institute of Sofia, which provide education in Turkish in Bulgaria, and from National College Kemal Ataturk in Romania attended the training program, which was held in Istanbul from January 29 to February 5.

As part of the project, the delegation attended the “Journalism and Internet Radio Broadcasting (Podcast) Training for Young People,” held by TRT. In addition to receiving theoretical training, the participants learned how to make their own recordings and create video and podcast content at the workshops held. The content created by the participants was evaluated by a jury. Young people who shot videos in the historical neighborhoods of Istanbul improved their technical competence and will promote Türkiye in their own countries, as well.

The participants also attended the Social Media and Digital Journalism Training, held in cooperation with GZT. As part of the program, the participants were given comprehensive training on effective content creation on social media and digital journalism by the GZT team. These young people, who studied storytelling at the workshops, appeared as a guest on the show “Bu Hafta Güzel Şeyler Oldu.” During the interview, these young participants stated that they had an extraordinary experience thanks to the project.

The participants, who acquired knowledge of new approaches and methods that shape the media industry, are expected to continue to create content on digital media platforms once they return to their countries.

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