29 July 2013

Materıals Assıstance Was Provıded To The Bohıcan Cotton Research Instıtute Entomology Laboratory In Benın

Materıals Assıstance Was Provıded To The Bohıcan Cotton Research Instıtute Entomology Laboratory In Benın


The Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency have provided materials Assistance to the Republic of Benin, Ministry of Agriculture Cotton Research Institute Entomology Laboratory.
In line with the instructions issued by President Abdullah Gül, a Cotton Farming project has been started in Benin by TİKA in response to the request made by Benin President Dr. Boni Yayi to President Abdullah Gül, concerning technical cooperation on cotton farming during his official visit to Turkey. Cotton production is top of the Republic of Benin’s farming production activities and is known to have an important place in the country’s economy. 60 percent of the country’s population provides its living from cotton farming. Also the share of cotton in Benin’s total exports is 75%.

During the 2012-2013 cotton season in Benin nearly 300 hectares were planted and 250 thousand tons of cotton was harvested. In the 2013-2014 cotton season nearly 450 hectares were planted. During the observation trips organized throughout the country by experts it was observed that the soil in areas where cotton is planted, is processed by animal and human labor and the cotton farmers do not have farming equipment or machines. Also it was determined that the technological levels of the Bohicon and Parakuo research institutes located in the country and the farming tools and machines that are necessary for cotton production and research are extremely insufficient and those that are present are products of very old technology.

During an observation visit to the Benin Ministry of Agriculture Bohicon Cotton Farming Institute the deficiencies of the Entomology Laboratory were noted. The Bohicon Cotton Farming Institute Entomology Laboratory needs were thus furnished in line with the requests of the Benin Ministry of Agriculture. The laboratory materials, computers, projectors and motorcycles for on-site transportation, provided by TİKA within the scope of the project, were delivered in a ceremony.

Minister of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries, Madam Fatouma Amadou Djıbrıl, who spoke at the ceremony, conveyed her gratitude to TİKA and Turkey. Minister of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries, Madam Djıbrıl expressed her hopes for the continued cooperation between the two countries. With the tools and equipment provided by TİKA, the goal is to be able to make better diagnoses and develop better treatment methods against pests in cotton farming by using more modern equipment.


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