24 July 2023

Mağusa Limanı Ağıtı (Famagusta Harbor Lament) Was Reread with TİKA’s Support

Prepared with the contribution of Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA), the promotion and first premiere of the project “Mağusa Limanı Ağıtı 1916” (’’Famagusta Harbor Lament 1916’’) was made in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC).

Telling the story of the Turkish soldiers, who were captured during the Gallipoli Campaigns in 1916 and taken to Cyprus, and the Turkish Cypriots who helped them to escape from the prison camp, and attributed to those heroes; the promotion and premiere of the documentary “Mağusa Limanı Ağıtı 1916” (’’Famagusta Harbor Lament 1916’’) was made by the Bayrak Radio and Television Cooperation (BRT), broadcasting in TRNC.

Türkiye’s Ambassador to Nicosia, Prof. Dr Metin Feyzioğlu; Health Minister of TRNC, İzlem Gürçağ Altuğra; TİKA’s Coordinator in Nicosia, Havva Pınar Özcan Küçükçavuş and numerous guests attended the promotion program.

It was thought to be lamented for the Gallipoli Campaign captives at first

It was discovered that it was first lamented for the Gallipoli Campaign captives in 1916. Following the studies of music researcher and member of the legendary music group “Sıla 4”, Ferahzad Gürsoy, the lament was re-read with the new arrangement aligning with the original notes written in 1916. A documentary was also made using the photographs of the Gallipoli captives in the scope of the project.

The first version of the Mağusa Limanı Ağıtı (Famagusta Harbor Lament) in 1916 proved that despite the victory in the Gallipoli, it was lamented for one of the Turkish soldiers brought to Cyprus which was under the British control, named “Ali” and other Gallipoli Campaign captives. On the other hand, it was depicted in the film that the another version, known as “Arap Ali Ağıtı” (’’The Lament of Arab Ali’’), was adjusted for the docker Arab Ali in 1940s.

The importance of the Gallipoli Campaign for Turkish Cypriots was mentioned

Attending the program as a speaker, Gürsoy stated that the first version of the lament got forgotten in time and is no longer known. Another speaker at the program, academician and writer Prof. Dr Ulvi Keser gave information about the Turkish soldiers, captured by the British soldiers and brought to Cyprus and drew attention to the importance of the Gallipoli Campaign for the Turkish Cypriots.

TİKA’s Coordinator in Nicosia, Küçükçavuş mentioned that TİKA, who started to be active in TRNC in 2019, plans projects in a great deal of fields. Küçükçavuş stated that after the support given to the documentary “Gol Atan Cepheye” and the movie “Teşgilat Minalayalar Zamanı”, they are pleased to contribute to the project “Mağusa Limanı Ağıtı 1916” (“Famagusta Harbor Lament 1916”).

Saying “There is no future for the one not knowing their past”, Ambassador Feyzioğlu added, “Turkish people made history in world war one, they did not lose. They had to lay down arms because their allies surrendered. Turkish people made a magnificent history in Gallipoli Campaign and caused those empires, who deem those torments proper, to fall.”

Saying that the Turkish people made history in Anatolia, Ambassador Feyzioğlu stated that the Turkish Cypriots were a noble factor.

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