16 January 2016

Kenyan Governors acknowledge TIKA and Turkish Presidency of Religious Affairs for the efforts on fight against terrorism

Governors of Garissa and Mandera, two Kenyan States largely populated by muslims and terribly suffering from terrorist attacks lately, visited Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) along with a group religious scholars. The meeting focused on the significance of the work conducted by TIKA and Turkish Presidency of Religious Affairs in terms of fight against terrorism and islamophobia. 

Governor of Garissa Nathif Jama Adam, Governor of Mandera Ali Ibrahim Roba and the accompanying delegation were welcome by Dr. Serdar Çam, President of Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency. Dr. Serdar Çam stated that Turkey and Kenya have experience on the fight against terrorism and that the two countries should engage in bilateral cooperation.

We should take our steps together to fight terrorist disinformation

TIKA President Dr. Çam warned that a constant effort is exerted to associate terrorism with Islam although Islam is a religion of tolerance and advises to stay out of violence. Dr. Çam suggested that muslim countries and the international community should provide the solution together. President Çam then underlined that consultation and cooperation were two main instruments to eliminate the disinformation spread by terrorist groups, and described these instruments to be cine-qua-non in the fight against islamophobia. Dr. Çam strictly emphasized that islam and terror were two remote ends that could never meet.

‘People with poor education or without education and employment bear the risk of being manipulated by the terrorist organizations. Terrorist groups emerge abusing ethnicity, religion and regional discrepencies. As Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency, we deliver education, health and vocational training and try to help the people in need by investing in their education. In our definition, a country’s strength relies on her independence. We believe in the right of Kenyan people to stand and produce: this is how they can become stronger’ President Çam commented on how easily terrorism spreads in impotent regions with poor education, employment or family ties.

Our Office, Your Office

Dr. Çam also explained, ‘Some countries pretend to be providing assistance under the disguise of development assistance, while in reality they would only exploit the resources and the people of whatever country they step upon. In short, they want something in return. We never and ever adopted such a methodology of assistance. Not only it is unethical, it is immoral. We move without a hidden motive, without harming anyone’s dignity and always take a respectful attitude towards those we confront. Our office in Kenya is your office, it belongs to you; and we will keep delivering development assistance in our capacity, as much as we can.’

Governor of Garissa ‘Contribution of TIKA and Turkish Presidency of Religious Affairs is of great significance’

Governor Nathif Jama Adam expressed his pleasure to visit Turkey once again during his speech. Governor Adam mentioned that the project conducted by TIKA and Turkish Presidency of Religious Affairs means so much to the people of Kenya. 

Underlining that terror is the common problem of both states, Governor Adam heralded the cooperation opportunity on the fight against radicalism in the future, after his meeting, which he described to be very fruitful with Prof. Dr. Mehmet Gormez, President of Religious Affairs.

Governor of Mandera ‘The first Ambassador to visit Mandera was the Turkish’

Governor Roba stated that it was his first visit to Turkey. He then described the situation in his state and said that large groups of people, including non-muslims, fled their soil.

Governor Roba said that the Turkish Ambassador in Kenya Deniz Eke was the first Ambassador to visit Mandera. Roba mentioned that they would be very glad to have Turkish technical delegations visit and analyze the situation in the state. He shared that maternal mortality and child death rates were high and that there was a lack of medical facilities and equipment. The Government in Mandera is trying to involve the young population in production and heal the economy. Governor added that there are agricultural activity in the north, in an area close to the river. 

Mandera also lacks infrastructure for waste management and is struggling to cope with waste. Governor Roba asked that they needed support on waste management, in addition to other services.

* Last December, terrorist organization Es Sebab made a gun assault on the bus headed to Mandera from the Capital Nairobi. Two people were killed and three were heavily injured including the driver of the bus.

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