19 October 2022

Inkadewane Community Health Centre, Renovated by TİKA, Started to Operate.

Inkadewane Community Health Centre, which is of great importance to the local community, was renovated and equipped with hardware by Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA).

Inkadewane is a village in the city of Aderbissinat, in the  Aïr region of Niger, and the Community Health Centre in Inkadewane serves for 19 villages around it.  TİKA and Aïr (Agadez) Sultanate worked in cooperation to maintain and repair the health centre. TİKA completed the interior-exterior maintenance, repair, and renovation of the building. It also provided the health centre with nursing beds, medicine cabinet, bed clothing, basic medicine, office material and medical equipment (oximeter, blood pressure monitor, etc.).  

Thanks to Türkiye through TİKA

The Director of the Inkadewane Community Health Centre and the village notables gave a speech at the ceremony and said they are very happy that their health centre has been renovated. They thanked TİKA, Republic of Türkiye and Turkish people for this support.

Back in Ramadan, TİKA had provided a school, established by UNESCO for the children of nomadic families, with food, accommodation supplies and kitchen utensils.

About Inkadewane Community Health Centre

Inkadewane Community Health Centre serves for hundreds of people throughout the year. It was established on the migration route so that nomadic tribes can also use it. The health centre, carrying out its activities in a region where transportation opportunities are rather limited, is very important to the locals.

The objective of the project is to improve the health infrastructure of the Aïr region, 1100 km far from the capital Niamey, and enable both nomadic tribes and local residents to benefit from better health services.

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