27 November 2023

“Hall of Türkiye” was opened within the National Museum of Cultures in Mexico

President of Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA), Serkan Kayalar, opened the Hall of Türkiye, installed within the National Museum of Cultures in Mexico.

President of TİKA, Serkan Kayalar, opened the Hall of Türkiye, which was installed by TİKA within the National Museum of Cultures in Mexico, a museum visited by 500 thousand people per year in the capital, Mexico City. Artifacts that reflect the rich history and cultural diversity of Türkiye will be exhibited in the Hall of Türkiye.

The opening ceremony of the museum was attended by Republic of Türkiye’s Ambassador to Mexico, İlhan Kemal Tuğ; TİKA’s Coordinator in Mexico, Fatih Abdi Çetin; Nicaragua’s Ambassador, Juan Carlos Guterres Madrigal; Belize’s Ambassador, Oscar Lorenzo Arnold; Secretary General of Inter-American Social Security Conference, Alvaro Verenca Hernandez; AMEXCID Director General of Planning and Evaluation, Carlos Javier Castillo Perez; Undersecretary of the Embassy of Honduras, Dimas Alexi Escobar Guillen; Undersecretary of the Embassy of Venezuela, Aldo Perfetto Alexondrow; Deputy Head of Mission of the Embassy of Libya, Hassan Gani, and many other guests.

In his speech, President of TİKA, Kayalar, stated: “I believe the Hall of Türkiye will contribute to the friendship of our countries and connection between the two societies. We are rightfully proud to be celebrating the 100th anniversary of our Republic with the opening of our Hall of Türkiye through TİKA in this valuable museum, which displays archaeological, anthropological, and ethnographic artifacts that belong to ancient civilizations such as Greek, Chinese, and Egyptian.”

With the artifacts from Göbekli Tepe, one of the oldest constructions in history, 61 artifacts are being displayed in the museum from 13 time periods of Anatolia, home to many civilizations throughout history.

TİKA continues to contribute to the friendly relationship between the two countries with the development cooperation projects it has carried out in Mexico since 2015.

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