29 June 2021

Friendship Medal From the President of Mongolia Haltmaa to TİKA

Mongolia's most important award, the Friendship (Nairamdal) Medal, was presented by President Battulga Haltmaa to Emrah Ustaömer, Ulanbator Program Coordinator of the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA).

The Friendship Medal of Mongolia is awarded to people who have pioneered the preservation of world peace, the deepening and development of international friendly relations and cooperation, and the contribution to the development of the country.

The medal was presented to coordinator Emrah Ustaömer at the ceremony by Ankhbayar Nyamdorj, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia. In his speech at the award ceremony, undersecretary Nyamdorj congratulated Emrah Ustaömer stating that TİKA has made a great contribution to the development of bilateral relations between Turkey and Mongolia and that the bilateral relations will continue to increase.

TİKA's work for Mongolia began in 1994 with the project of Turkish Monuments in Mongolia (MOTAP). Due to the special place and importance of the Bilge Tonyukuk Monument in Turkish history, various field studies were carried out in the area where the monument was located, and archaeological excavations, repair, and restoration works were coordinated by TİKA with Turkish – Mongol experts on the site. In 2001, archaeological findings of great importance in terms of Turkish history and culture were unearthed and restored and they are exhibited in the Turkish Cultural Property Exhibition Hall of the National Museum of Mongolia. TİKA’s Ulaanbaatar Program Coordination Office officially started its activities in 2004, and after that, the number of activities increased significantly, diversifying the projects and areas of activity for the country.

Projects and activities are carried out by TİKA in many areas aimed at the socio-economic development of Mongolia and the development of economic, commercial, technical, and cultural relations with Turkey. Especially the work in the areas of education, health, agriculture, animal husbandry, and the development of administrative units continue to increase. Protecting common cultural and historical property is one of TİKA's priorities in the country.

Since the day that its activities officially started in 2004, TİKA carried out more than 700 projects and activities in cooperation with the local authorities, municipalities, and non-governmental organizations. TİKA continues its projects and activities aimed at supporting the development of all regions of the country from north to south and east to west.

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