23 March 2018

Food Assistance to 400 Families in Libya

The Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) delivered 14 tons of food assistance to 400 families in need in various regions in Libya.

The political crisis that has escalated in Libya after the Revolution on February 17, 2011, has turned into a humanitarian crisis for some regions. In particular, in Fezzan region and in the eastern parts of the country, where some armed conflicts occur from time to time, people, who were displaced, and families and orphans, who have lost their relatives, try to survive in difficult conditions.

Despite the positive steps taken and the extraordinary efforts shown by the authorities in the recent months, the conflicts that occasionally arise primarily due to regional conditions and due to political and economic crises in the country, the problems related to basic needs such as health, clean water and food persist.  According to the data by the World Health Organization, in 2018, Libya has around 400.000 refugees, asylum seekers and immigrants. The number of people who, were forced to integral migration, is reported to be 217.022. 

TİKA provided food assistance to families in need and to the orphaned children. TİKA representatives led by TİKA President Advisor Kamil Kolabaş visited the capital city Tripoli and delivered 14 tons of food to be distributed to 400 families, including those in need and orphaned children, in Libya’s city of Yafran and to eastern Libya, in cooperation with Libyan Ministry of Social Affairs, Yafran Branch and Development Foundation.

During the delivery ceremony that took place in front of R.T. Embassy in Tripoli Ambassador Ahmet Aydın Doğan stated that Turkey is in solidarity with its Libyan brothers, and supports them on many areas. He pointed out that Turkey cooperates with Libyan Government of National Accord, local authorities and non-governmental organizations to provide assistance to people, who were displaced, and this food assistance effort undertaken by TİKA with Libyan authorities and NGOs is a good example of the said cooperation. Ambassador Doğan thanked TİKA and its Libyan partners for the cooperation they have shown and stated that Turkey’s support to Libya will continue in cooperation with the authorities in Libya as demonstrated by the TİKA delegation’s visit to Libya.

TİKA President Advisor Kamil Kolabaş mentioned the old friendship between Libya and Turkey, explained that they arrived to see what could be done together, and that they could also benefit from Libya’s experience. Kolabaş also expressed that they wanted to use this opportunity to deliver food packages consisting of basic foodstuff to orphans and families in need.

In order to alleviate the existing conditions in Libya, TİKA implemented a series of projects primarily on healthcare and education. To this end, 1000 sq. meter Training Center for Children with Autism built by TİKA in the city of Bayda in eastern Libya continues to serve Libyan people.

In addition, Misurata Physiotherapy Hospital, which started to be constructed upon the instructions of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, will soon be completed and it will be put into service of Libyan public as a gift from the Republic of Turkey.  

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