05 February 2014

Five Water Wells For Malawi

Five Water Wells For Malawi

TIKA inaugurated the opening of 5 water wells in Malawi.

Lack of substructure and economic issues cause problems about accessing clean and healthy drinking water in Malawi which is one of the least developed countries. In addition to these problems, long periods of drought make worse the water problem.

On the request of Malawi Muslim Foundation in 5 separate regions, in the neighborhood of Lilongwe where Muslim and Christian population live together, 5 water wells’ opening has been inaugurated. Malawi Minister of Hydraulic Works Anitta Kalinde, Malawi Muslim Foundation, TIKA authorities and Malawi people attended the opening ceremony.

In the ceremony Malawi Minister of Hydraulic Works Anitta Kalinde expressed that they work to provide clean and healthy drinking water for all the people living in their country, but since Malawi is a developing country they have limited sources and they need help. The Minister conveyed her thanks for the supports of TIKA. She wished this project to be a beginning between two countries and the continuation of TIKA’s projects in the region.

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