30 April 2021

Erenler Sofrası is in Iraq

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) will provide food aid for 4,000 needy families in several cities of Iraq during the month of Ramadan.

The food packages that will be handed out by TİKA in Iraq will be delivered to 4,000 families in total in the capital Baghdad, as well as Kirkuk, Mosul, Tuz Khurma, Tal Afar, Kifri and Diyala. Food aid will be provided for 850 families in Kirkuk, 500 families in Mosul, 500 families in Tal Afar, 250 families in Erbil, 500 families in Tuz Khurma, 1000 families in Baghdad, 250 families in Diyala and 150 families in Kifri.

Having made a statement to the reporters after the packages were distributed in Kirkuk, TİKA’s Baghdad Coordinator Mustafa Yazıcı said that Ramadan activities would be carried out not only in Iraq, but in 87 countries around the world under the name  "Erenler Sofrası". Yazıcı stated that they would be providing food aid for a total of 4,000 needy families in the cities of Kirkuk, Mosul, Baghdad, Diyala and Saladin in Iraq, and he said: "As TİKA and Turkey, we have stood by the people in our geographical region. Today, we stand by our Turkmen brothers in Iraq."

Yavuz Kaleli, the Humanitarian Aid Supervisor of the Iraqi Turkmen Front, said that TİKA and the Republic of Turkey had not forgotten about the needy people in the country this year as well. Kaleli expressed his gratitude towards Turkey and TİKA for putting a smile on the faces of thousands of families in Iraq.

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