21 August 2019

Equipment Support to Peace Building Program in Armenia, Colombia

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) provided endowment support and educational equipment sets for the kindergarten that provides its service in the community center of the Municipal Council in Armenia, Colombia.

Within the framework of the project; the community center complex, which was provided with educational equipment in cooperation with the Municipality Council of Armenia, the great social, economic and cultural losses caused by the great earthquake in 1999 will be minimized and especially children and young people who picked up bad habits and who did not benefit from basic public services due to economic and social inequality, will be integrated with the community.

Through the support made by TIKA in the public center, support and learning stimulation activities with pedagogical methodologies for children and adolescents and social programs for families and retirees will be developed.

Within the scope of the project, educational and extracurricular activities will be provided for the community of Armenia and for pre-school students from 4 months old babies to 12 years old children.

The interior and exterior areas of the community center, covered with paintings that reflect the famous touristic and cultural places of Colombia and Turkey. The paintings represent the friendship and solidarity of the two countries, that are physically distant from each other, but have many common traditions and values. Paintings have aroused great appreciation and interest of people of Armenia city.

As regards the Equipment Support to the Peace Facility Program, Painter  Hollman Henao Díaz: “Through art we can show not only culture, but the essence of us as people to teach others and a beautiful childhood, that we can be different but not distant” he said.

Voluntary Teacher of Kindergarten Yenci Ramírez Cubillos also said: “This kindergarten of the municipal council of the Armenia's city is a space for the children of the city and all the community. It has very striking paintings that contribute to the visualization of children”

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